The secret of fan coil dripper maintenan

When the coil cooling and dehumidifying the air, the condensate water produced by the fan coil will drip into the drip tray (also known as the catchment tray, catchment tray) and be discharged through the drainage outlet. As the air filter of fan coil unit is generally a coarse filter, some small du


How to extend the service life of fan co

Every kind of machine must be cleaned in use. Only in this way can the service life of horizontal concealed fan coil unit be prolonged. Let's take a look at the cleaning method of horizontal dark fan coil units. In ordinary use, according to the different use environment, it can be divided into the


How to check the anticorrosive fan befor

For any mechanical equipment, it is very important to start and work normally and reasonably. How to check the anti-corrosion fan before using? The following anticorrosive fan manufacturers introduce you in detail. 1, check the coupling and protective devices, whether there are obstacles to the rot


Can a steam heater be used as a househol

Steam heater generally refers to all kinds of heating equipment with steam heat transfer. It is mainly used for industrial heating. For the sake of steam safety and air volume, it is generally not used for household use, but it can be used in civil buildings. After heating, the hot air ventilation p


What about overheating of the heavy hamm

First of all, we should calmly analyze the source of the problem. In order to solve the problem, the common causes of overheating are as follows: gelatinization of filter elements, uneven oil pipeline, pollution of oil cooler, abnormal operation of oil ring bearing, etc. Correspondingly, we should r


How to reduce noise sources and control

In general, the aerodynamic noise radiated from the intake and exhaust ports of the fan is 10-20 decibels higher than that radiated from other parts. Therefore, when controlling the noise of the fan, the first thing to do is to install a proper muffler on the intake and exhaust ducts. The muffler is

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