Application of fan wet curtain air heater in Greenhouse

Temperature is one of the most basic and important environmental conditions for crops. The temperature directly affects the normal growth and development of crops.


Most parts of China belong to the continental monsoon climate, and the annual temperature is relatively large. Such climatic conditions are unfavorable to the growth of crops in warm rooms. Therefore, solving the problem of greenhouse warming and cooling is one of the key factors to ensure the normal growth of crops.


Firstly, natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, mechanical refrigeration, evaporative cooling, internal shading net, external shading net and water curtain fan are generally adopted in cooling.


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(1) fan curtain cooling system


Principle of action


When the outdoor hot air is absorbed through the moisture curtain, the moisture on the moisture curtain absorbs heat and evaporates, thus reducing the air temperature entering the greenhouse. Usually, the "wet curtain wall" consists of a wet curtain, a water distribution system of the wet curtain, a water pump and a water tank. It is constructed continuously along one wall of the greenhouse, while the fan is concentrated on the other wall of the greenhouse. The wet curtain must be kept wet to ensure the completion of evaporation cooling process. According to the size and location of the greenhouse, the appropriate fan can be selected to install on the wall opposite the wet curtain, so that the air flow through the greenhouse smoothly to achieve ventilation cooling effect.

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