Application of chicken hot-air stove in Greenhouse

With the production technology and equipment of domestic chicken-raising hot-blast stove becoming more and more advanced, the products of chicken-raising hot-blast stove can be applied in more space areas which need heating, greenhouse is one of them. Because with the rapid development of domestic aquaculture industry and the diversification of aquaculture methods, many farmers in order to help aquaculture objects to survive the cold winter safely, they have to raise them in greenhouses, known as greenhouse aquaculture greenhouse. When the hot air stove is used in greenhouse, there is another name, that is, the hot air stove in greenhouse. It has flexible heating, convenient operation switch of automatic temperature control system, fast heating speed under large-area greenhouse, very wide heating area, and can customize different specifications of equipment according to user needs.


The great advantage of using a greenhouse to raise a chicken hot stove is that it has the final say of its own temperature. It is easy to adjust the temperature and the cost of use is greatly reduced than that of the traditional stove. It has no barrier to burn coal and has high efficiency of coal combustion. It can save 5 to 8 hours of coal at a time. It is very economical and durable, healthy, environmental friendly and pollution-free, and it can also help balance effectively. The temperature and humidity in the greenhouse can reduce the breeding of pathogens and make the animals grow comfortably and warmly in the environment with the hot air stove in the greenhouse greenhouse. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that greenhouse greenhouses are generally relatively humid, in high temperature and humid environment, it is easy to breed various kinds of mildew virus production, affecting the health of crops, breeding stove for dehumidification is better, it is worth the majority of users.

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