Can a steam heater be used as a household?

Steam heater generally refers to all kinds of heating equipment with steam heat transfer. It is mainly used for industrial heating. For the sake of steam safety and air volume, it is generally not used for household use, but it can be used in civil buildings. After heating, the hot air ventilation pipelines are conveyed to household users. The parameters of different types of heaters are different, so the value of parameters of different types of heaters is different. There are also some different requirements for parameters in use occasions, so customers must choose according to their actual situation when purchasing.


The steam heating fan uses 0.03~1.0MPa steam as heat medium to heat the air. Main models: 4Q (weight 68KG), 5Q (weight 109KG), 7Q (weight 194KG), 8Q (weight 262KG) heater is a combined unit composed of fan and seamless steel pipe around galvanized or aluminium fin radiator. It is mainly used for heating air, hot air heating in factories, mining enterprises, production workshops and other large buildings. If you don't know anything in use, you can consult our customer service at any time.

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