How to check the anticorrosive fan before using it?

For any mechanical equipment, it is very important to start and work normally and reasonably. How to check the anti-corrosion fan before using? The following anticorrosive fan manufacturers introduce you in detail.

1, check the coupling and protective devices, whether there are obstacles to the rotation of goods.

2, check whether bearings have lubricating oil and cooling water, whether they are smooth and unimpeded.

3. Check whether the anchor bolts of bearing blocks are loose.

4, check whether the fan reverses before starting, if the reverse must be stopped before it can start.

5. Check whether the fan inlet regulating door or outlet regulating door is fully closed to avoid starting with load. After starting to the rated speed, then gradually open the regulating door until the required position. Maintaining the fan in normal operation mainly monitors the current of the motor. It is not only a sign of the fan load, but also some abnormal things. Therefore, the forecast; secondly, it is necessary to check whether the lubricant and cooling water of fan bearings are smooth, whether the bearing temperature, bearing vibration are normal and whether there is friction and collision sound, etc.

The above is about the introduction of anti-corrosion fan, before using the machine for a comprehensive inspection, I hope to help you.

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