How to extend the service life of fan coil units?

Every kind of machine must be cleaned in use. Only in this way can the service life of horizontal concealed fan coil unit be prolonged. Let's take a look at the cleaning method of horizontal dark fan coil units. In ordinary use, according to the different use environment, it can be divided into the following situations: fan coil unit cleaning under normal conditions. In general, fan coil is cleaned. Relatively poor fan coil cleaning. Very bad situation. Fan coil cleaning is special. Under normal conditions, fan coil units can be cleaned once every refrigeration season.


In general, two times a year should be cleaned, such as shopping malls, hospitals and other public places. Poor conditions should be cleaned 3 times a year, for example, there is no air return box and there are more dust in the wind return environment. It is very bad to be washed once a month, such as site, workshop, chicken farm or other breeding plant. In special cases, there is no need to clean. Such as mines.

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