The secret of fan coil dripper maintenance and noise reduction

When the coil cooling and dehumidifying the air, the condensate water produced by the fan coil will drip into the drip tray (also known as the catchment tray, catchment tray) and be discharged through the drainage outlet. As the air filter of fan coil unit is generally a coarse filter, some small dust will pass through the hole of the filter and adhere to the surface of the coil unit. When there is condensate water on the surface of the fan coil unit, these dust will fall into the drip tray. Therefore, the dripping tray must be cleaned regularly to clean the dust deposited in the drip tray. Otherwise, excessive deposition of dust will reduce the volume of water in the drip tray. When the amount of condensate water is large, it will cause the accident of condensate overflowing from the drip tray and damaging the ceiling of the room due to improper discharge. Secondly, it will block the drainage outlet and also cause condensate overflow. Thirdly, it will become the breeding of bacteria and even mosquitoes. It is a threat to the health of the people in the room.


The dripping pan of the wind coil pipe is usually cleaned two times a year, if it is a seasonally used air conditioner. It is cleaned once the air conditioning season is over. The washing method is generally washed by water, and the sewage is discharged from the drain pipe. In order to disinfect and sterilize the fan coil unit, it can also wash the clean dripping tray again with disinfectant water (such as bleaching water).


In ancient times, because of the limitation of scientific and technological level, people could not easily adjust the indoor temperature, so they suffered from severe cold and heat. With the change of the times and the development of science and technology, people can easily control the indoor temperature, and the fan coil unit is the equipment that helps people to control the indoor temperature.


According to the majority of users, fan coil unit refrigeration heating effect is good, can create a comfortable indoor environment, but the drawback is that when working, it will emit relatively large noise. What is the cause of this problem? What measures can the users of fan coil units take to reduce noise?


It is understood that due to the limitation of current technical level, the actual noise level of various fan coil units at home and abroad is generally high, and domestic fan coil units have reached the international level in terms of noise treatment.


Under such circumstances, Baoxin believes that the reasons for the excessive noise of fan coil units are as follows:


Indoor noise level is high and low because of the different location and configuration of fan coil units. According to the test results of fan coil units in different installation locations, when fan coil units open high-end speed, its noise field limit value is nc-45, the lower limit is nc-35; when fan coil units open low-end speed, the upper limit value is nc-40, the lower limit value is nc-25.


In view of the above causes of excessive noise in fan coil units, Baoxin recommends that users adopt the following countermeasures:


When selecting fan coil units, users should consider the installation location of fan coil units according to the level of quietness required by the room. When installing a bedroom with high quiet requirement, it can be silenced in the duct between the outlet of fan coil unit and the air supply outlet of the room. The vertical fan coil unit should be installed far away from the bed and table, and the air outlet can also be equipped with silencing device. For general quiet requirement, medium noise level can be selected. Horizontal or vertical fan coil units.


Excessive noise affects users' mood and even their health. Baoxin provides customers with solutions to the problem of excessive noise in fan coil units, hoping to reduce the troubles caused by noise to the majority of users, so that users can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment with a pleasant mood and enjoy the convenience brought by high-tech achievements.

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